How to help

The viability and expansion of La Escuelita is only possible through your help, and we are actively seeking financial aid in one of several ways:


  • Make a cash donation towards our operating costs or towards the implementation of one of our new projects.

  • Sponsor a specific child, or preferably a specific course.

  • Help contribute much-needed materials such as textbooks, paper, pencils, etc., either directly or with a cash donation.


For more information on contributing, send us an email.


Our address in Oaxaca is:

La Escuelita
San Pedro Pochutla, Oaxaca
70900 Mexico
Tel: (52)19581002068/(52)9585843428

A big thanks to My American Sunshine, our corporate sponsor. Since 2013 they have generously sponsored ten children to attend classes as well as extra financial aid with school expenses and making our summer program possible. After Hurricane Carlotta, My American Sunshine, were great financial benefactors in helping with repairing damages incurred from the storm.

Donations and sponsorships already received by:

Donations: Nant and Alice Roberts (Canada), Pia and Wim Bouman (Canada), Richard Roberts and Debbie Wright (UK), Celine Aloe (MJA Languages) (UK), Fred Roy (Canada), Majero Bouman and Bill Keenan (Canada), Hobby-Mueller International, Alysa Hawkins, West West End Bouncy Castle (Canada), Abrasos Canada and friends, UK Language Courses (UK), Lisa and Blair Mullin (Canada), Ralph and Joan Awrey (Canada), Megan Hall and family (UK), Helen and Ben Lang and friends (UK), Taras Pater and Bonny Anderson (Canada), Lancaster School (Mexico), Sara Follen and Aidrean (U.S/Mexico), Howell`s School (UK), Jenny Whitely and the All Stars Toronto Blue Grass Band(Canada), Monarca Condominiums(Canada/Mexico), Lane and Nahid Buie(Canada), June Aylsworth(Canada), La Mariposa(Zipolite/Canada), Jane Bullard in memory of

Sponsors: Rancho Cerro Largo (Mexico), Un Sueno, Marcelo Barbas at the Alquimista, Brigette Longueville with Solstice Yoga, Pasada Del Architecto, Dieter and Katja at The Loma Linda, Jenny (Australia), Maritxu Guerazague (France), Jane Bullard (UK), Kali Lopez (Mexico), DeNel Rehborg Sedo (Canada), William Lynch(US/Italy), Ronald Chauvin(US/Mexico), Susanne Huffman Lopez, Victor and Andreas at, June Alysworth(Canada)