About Oaxaca

The Oaxacan Coast, also known as the Costa Chica, is situated on the Southern Pacific side of Mexico. It is an area of great beauty, nestled between the expanse of the Pacific and the Mountains of the Sierra Sur. It is rich in culture and has landscapes that takes one's breath away. Due to this, large parts of the coastline have received both federal and state funding towards tourist development. However, Oaxaca is still the second poorest state of Mexico. Over 76% of its residents live in extreme poverty, lacking basic necessities such as food, water, health care and education. Only roughly 45% of the population have completed primary school and only approximately 33% of youth ages 15 to 19 are in school. Many stop attending after primary school, believing that once someone can read and write there are no further benefits to education, and also for the simple reason of needing to find some form of employment to increase the family income.

Oaxaca's principal industries are tourism, fisheries and agriculture.